Unlocking the Secrets of Black Desert Online Sailors: A Guide to Hiring, Training, and Sailing with Confidence [Expert Tips and Stats]

Unlocking the Secrets of Black Desert Online Sailors: A Guide to Hiring, Training, and Sailing with Confidence [Expert Tips and Stats]

Short answer: Black Desert Online Sailors are non-playable characters who can be hired by players to manage their ships and improve their sailing abilities. They have unique skills and traits that affect the ship’s performance and allow for more efficient trading and exploration.

How to Hire and Train Black Desert Online Sailors

Black Desert Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players can engage in various activities, including sailing. Sailing in Black Desert Online involves hiring and training sailors to operate your ships efficiently. In this blog post, we will provide a detailed guide on how to hire and train Black Desert Online sailors.

Hiring Sailors in Black Desert Online

To hire sailors, you must first go to a coastal town or city with access to the sea. There are four coastal cities in the game: Velia, Epheria Port, Port Ratt, and Iliya Island. Once you arrive at one of these cities, head over to the wharf manager, who will allow you to purchase sailor contracts.

The sailor contracts come in three different qualities: green (Lv 1-3), blue (Lv 4-5), and yellow (Lv 6-7). Each level of sailor has different attributes that affect their performance on ships. For instance, higher-level sailors have greater stats like speed, acceleration, turn rate and endurance.

Training Sailors in Black Desert Online

It’s essential to train your sailors because it helps them perform better and enhances your sailing experience. Jadefin whales are instrumental when it comes down to leveling up your workers effortlessly but at high costs for lower workers however keep an eye out for regular quests as they often reward items such as Whaling Woes which significantly boost Worker XP gain.
Sailors can be trained by sending them out on voyages around the world map. The longer the voyage lasts; the more XP they receive from it.
It’s worth noting that if you invest time into Night Vendor rolls then rare items called Items/Items obtainable from night vendor ‘Island Debt Bond’ can act useable for Accelerating Sailor leveling.

Tips for Hiring and Training Black Desert Online Sailors

Here are some valuable tips that will help you hire and train black desert online sailors effectively:

1) Always hire sailors with better stats; this will improve their overall performance on the ship.

2) Send your sailors out on voyages frequently to level them up and enhance their skills.

3) Use whaling woes or fish steaks as sailor feed to boost worker XP gain whilst keeping an eye out for those hard-to-find items like Island Debt Bonds that will assist greatly in leveling purposes.

4) Don’t be afraid to invest in upgrading sailor gear as it also enhances your sailor’s capability allowing for better turn, acceleration & speed capabilities

5) Lastly, Save duplicates of each type of Sailor if you don’t find its bonuses favourable. The right mix is considered valuable when mastering sailing to perfection with a crew that handle every situation efficiently.

In conclusion, hiring and training black desert online sailors may seem daunting at first, but with proper planning and execution, it can be a straightforward process. Follow our tips mentioned above, and you’ll see an improvement in your sailing experience immediately!

Step by Step Guide for Black Desert Online Sailor Management

Black Desert Online is an MMORPG that has won acclaim and a devoted fan base because of its sprawling open world, engaging combat system, intricate crafting mechanics, and immersive exploration. And as with any game of this kind, the player’s success in the game relies on a thorough understanding of every aspect of it, including Sailor Management.

In Black Desert Online, sailors play an integral role in the player’s journey to conquer vast oceans and explore uncharted territories. They can be hired from various ports scattered around the game world and are available in different grades or ranks- green grade (Skilled Sailors), blue grade (Professional Sailors), and yellow grade (Artisan Sailors). The higher their grade, the better they are at performing their assigned tasks.

Without further ado, let us dive into our Step by Step Guide for Black Desert Online Sailor Management:

1. Hiring sailors – The first step towards successful sailor management is to hire them from ports where they are found wandering around aimlessly. Speak to them and negotiate their pay rate until you agree upon a suitable price for their services.

2. Assigning Ships – Once you have recruited your sailors onboard your ship(s), head to the Sailor menu on your Ship Management screen or press (F3) key to assign relevant positions on ships such as Helmsman, Sailor or Lookout.

3. Equipping Sailors – Once assigned position wise now equip your hired ship crew with equipment that enhances their abilities such as Skill upgrade items like winches for greater speed, cannons for battle scenarios while setting sail etc.

4. Leveling up – After assigning positions and equipping your sailor crew with necessary items start sailing to earn experience points which will level up both sailor levels & personal stats upgrades.

5. Enhancing Stats Effectively – Every choice counts when it comes to upgrading sailor stats and special abilities based on skills equipped enhancing movement skills through wind-based moves etc., which leads to better performances and more experience points.

6. Enhance Enhancement – Same as equipment items sailors can be enhanced with higher-quality versions which enhance their abilities for performing tasks, and maximizing the perks of the attribute boosters in later stages.

7. Deployments – Once sailors are trained well and have upgraded individual stats, they must carry out necessary ship operations such as repair work, tracking other ships in the vicinity or combating sea monsters when all else fails.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Sailor Management plays a vital role in Black Desert Online; it’s just as critical and demanding as other elements of the game like combat, crafting or exploration to name some more examples. Focus on recruiting high-quality sailors from varied ports across the game world; deploy your forces on ample rewards quests, take up sea battles against menacing creatures of the deep and become an expert captain surpassing even Bluebeard himself with all your newly acquired skills! Happy sailing!

FAQ for Black Desert Online Sailor System

Black Desert Online has an incredibly expansive game world filled with countless systems and mechanics to explore. One such system that may leave players puzzled is the Sailor System, which offers the opportunity to hire sailors to join your crew and aid you in your seafaring adventures. This post aims to answer some frequently asked questions about this system and clear up any confusion for Black Desert Online players.

Q: What are sailors in Black Desert Online?

A: Sailors are NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that players can hire as members of their crew. They have specific skills and abilities that can benefit the player while sailing.

Q: How do I obtain sailors?

A: Players can obtain sailors by purchasing them from an NPC located in port towns or islands. Additionally, they can be obtained through quests or events.

Q: How many sailors can I have on my ship?

A: Each ship has a limited number of slots available for sailor hires, and it varies based on the type of ship you’re using.

Q: Can I assign multiple sailors to one task?

A: No, you cannot assign multiple sailors to a single task. Only one sailor is required for each task.

Q: What kind of tasks can sailors perform?

A: There are three types of tasks available to sailors – Special, Common, and Combat; each task requires different skills or attributes from different classes of Sailor.

Special Tasks involve fishing at sea where skills like fishing ability, stamina management, temperature resistance will come into play.
Common Tasks include repairing damaged parts of the ship and tending to wounded crew members
Combat Tasks are used during sea monster hunting expeditions.

Q; Do I need to level up my sailor’s stats?

A; Yes! Sailor’s skills leveled up depending upon how frequently players utilize their services while sailing. You’ll also need Silver (BDO’s currency) & Barters points for certain upgrades. Investing in leveling up your sailor will make them much more efficient and effective in carrying out their assigned tasks.

Q: Can sailors die or be injured while sailing?

A: Yes, sailors can suffer injury during combat with sea monsters or other players in player versus player (PvP) situations. As a result, it is important for players to regularly check the health of their sailors and ensure they are equipped and prepared for potential battles at sea.

In conclusion, Black Desert Online’s Sailor system offers a unique avenue for players seeking maritime exploration within the game world. Hopefully, this FAQ has cleared up some common questions about how to obtain, use, and maintain sailors as crucial members of your crew. By hiring knowledgeable and proficient Sailors , players can significantly enhance their chances for successful voyages while providing an exciting new layer of gameplay that further expands upon the already-fascinating world of Black Desert Online.

Top 5 Facts About Black Desert Online Sailors You Need to Know

Black Desert Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that has been garnering attention from players throughout the world. One of the most interesting aspects of this game is the sailors that operate your Ships. They are often overlooked, but they play an essential role in your sea-faring travels! Here are the top five facts you need to know about Black Desert Online Sailors.

1. Sailors Have Unique Personalities
Black Desert Online puts great emphasis on individualizing their characters to create a unique and immersive gaming experience. The same level of detail was taken when crafting each sailor in BDO. Each sailor has distinct traits such as work speed, stamina, morale, fear, and sailing stats. Some may have an adventurous spirit while others may be more prone to playing it safe- and these personalities can change over time depending on their experiences while under your employ.

2. Sailors Can Be “Born”
Yes, You read that right- sailors can be ‘born’ via breeding between two parent Sailors with high breed ratings (more on those later). Players can then groom these newborn sailors with desired skills or personality traits through training actions which will help them become model corporate citizens!

3. There Are Different Classes of Sailor
Like many other games, Black Desert distinguishes different types of classes for its NPCs based on their primary occupation or specialty skill set within the framework of a given profession or gameplay domain; so does BDO sailor occupy different classes according to his/her skillsets: Tier 1 being Beginner up to Tier 5 at Master Level.

4. Skill Sets Matter
As Mentioned before: every sailor has different capabilities and stats- It Is Up To You To consider These suitably before unleashing them into dangerous waters ahead! While some might be better suited as navigator due strength in data crunching upon maps,others might excel at repairing damage done to The Ship , reducing costs by doing so!

5. Sailors Can Improve Over Time
As the sailors gain experience from their work at sea, they will gradually improve their skills and traits over time. While a sailor may start with relatively low stats upon hire/basic training in begginer tier – For instance a figure of 50/1000 for sailing stamina- this same Sailor can become stronger through careful motivation and development.Stats such as work speed, pathfinding or strength to handle immense waves can be bolstered over the course of gameplay.

In conclusion Black Desert Online’s sailors Bring A Unique Dimension Of Depth To Your Nautical Adventures within Online Gaming . Each Sailor has Pleasant Personalities And With Enough Care And Training They Will Provide A Decisive Asset When You Need Them Most!

Optimizing Your Earnings with Black Desert Online Sailors

When it comes to earning silver in Black Desert Online, there are numerous methods available – grinding, lifeskilling, and investing in node wars. However, one often overlooked method is using sailors to optimize your earnings.

Sailors work just like workers in that they can be assigned tasks and will work tirelessly until they complete them or run out of stamina. What makes sailors so unique though is their ability to enhance both active and passive modes of income.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the active side of things. By assigning sailors to your ship or fishing boat, it increases the speed and distance you can travel while sailing. This means more efficient sea monster hunting, exploration for treasure chests or finding new sea trade routes.

Secondly, sailors also affect the passive form of income such as Fish Traders by increasing the value amount of products sold via these npcs. You guessed it right! More profit just by adding some men on board!

Now we may ask: How do these sailors improve your earnings?

It´s all about synergy ! The quality of sailor traits match perfectly with various aspects surrounding black desert online economy:

1)The Levelling System
In BDO Sailors gain experience over time like any other worker in game; as a result their stats get better with experience levels gained.These characters have different attributes which effect gameplay such as Sailing Knowledge for increased EXP rates when travelling long distances & Sailor Stats (Durability/Stamina/Evasion/Reload/Cannon Damage Move Speed)

2) Sea Trade Routes
Players can use ships with cargo space to trade goods between NPCs within a region/city/different regions.With better sailors not only will this task become easier but also faster thus benefiting those trying to maximise profits here.

3) Barter System
Bartering uses trade items obtained from sea creatures ; upon discovering new locations,sailor bonuses act as an encouragement since bartering improves better with rare/exotic items.Thus sailors help here too.

4) Sea Monster Hunting
More HP means more chances of staying alive; More damage output means killing monsters faster. Therefore, having good stats sailor hired will improve your efficiency whether you choose to attack sea creatures for their drops or in defense of your vessel.

Now we come back to the ultimate question: How do I obtain these fantastic sailors?

1) Port Ratt Dailies – For those who own a sailing boat and are comfortable navigating around the more challenging areas of BDO , completing the dailies in Port Ratt rewards with an abundance amount of materials that can be used to exchange for Advanced Alchemy/ Cooker Boxes which have great prizes including rare sailor receipts!

2) Soldier´s Grave -located near Glish has been transformed recently into something far nicer than before. Players can take part against waves and receive rewards scaling based on numbers defeated.An enhancement system will also allow players to increase their point income by 10% at level II simply recieving Titles By Defeating The Enemies In Large numbers easier with friends partying up . Bumped.org gives fantastic details on spawn timings so be sure to check them out too! Just make sure not to forget about gaining experience points as well ; but is a bit tricky because the area is simple meant for combat.

3) Great Ocean Exploration Questline – It is one challenging task that takes a lot longer than expected.However, if patience and determination are well acquired this long journey will reward handsomely; since numerous opportunities pops up including sailors receipts from sea bottom ruins dives & defeating famous pirate ships.

4) Whaling- A bit of what some may call “controversial content” where 30 specially themed harpoons disable & mark whales allowing experienced whaler players to chase after them on board waiting ship.This process requires quick reflexes, patience,and many others skills on top it, but we promise the end result will leave you pleased.

In conclusion , achieving great benefits with sailors in game may require some effort; Having hired the right ones increases chances of wealth and efficiency making these characters worth the trouble which will help players level up as well . So, get out there and start sailing to glory!

Advanced Strategies for Managing Your Fleet of Black Desert Online Sailors

As a seasoned captain in Black Desert Online, you understand the importance of having a reliable fleet of sailors to navigate the treacherous waters of the game world. However, managing a group of virtual seafarers can be challenging, especially when dealing with complex systems such as sailor skills and EXP gains.

Thankfully, there are advanced strategies that you can implement to better manage your fleet and maximize their potential. In this blog post, we will explore these tips and tricks to help you become a master sailor manager in Black Desert Online.

1. Understand Sailor Skills

Are your sailors excelling at their assigned tasks? Each sailor has unique skills that determine their proficiency in certain areas, such as navigating through rough waters or repairing ship damage. Understanding each skill is vital if you want to effectively allocate your sailors to specific jobs on board.

For example, if you need a team member to help battle against sea monsters or other threats, look for one who specializes in combat-related skills like Power or Battle Spirit. Meanwhile, if your goal is straight sailing or faster ports arrival times – find the appropriate type of person skilled in those particular areas.

2. Train Hard

Unlike traditional RPG characters where leveling up happens after a decent amount of action completed (XP gaining mechanic), black desert’s sailors require different treatment.
To level up their stats and develop additional skills indefinitely – they require space on board and additionally assign them goals/tasks once visited port – with certain requirements tailored for each individual.

What else needs considering?
Well thought-over Training Manager NPC offer 1 ‘sample” item per 10 seconds training time – experience ingoring special bonus items added here amongst which picking Speedboat certification helps saving multiple hours!

3. Keep Track Of Your Fleet’s EXP Gains

Each action performed by a sailor factors towards its experience pool; sailing across open seas will generate large amounts of it along with performing tasks assigned at ports.
Once enough activity undertaken sailor unlocks additional “skills” options via skill points which may in turn affect assigned tasks or vessel’s stats.
You can check your fleet’s experience growth progress by opening the Sailor tab (Sailor Management > My Sailors) – here the status of each individual sailor including his experience pool and any available EXP, rewards are listed.

4. Use Food And Other Amenities to Boost Performance

To enable a higher rate of progression food items need be handed out.
While sailing your party will require certain aid during their journey including various dishes like fish soup or boiled bird eggs known as sailor foodstuffs; these items effect performance rate and combined with rarer “rations” like aqua crystal, frog legs, or venison can keep your sailors motivated for longer periods.

5. Keep Safety In Mind

Lastly – we all wish to grow our fleets from 1 boat towards 10 sending them across the map, but there’s one sad truth that boat sinks on a daily basis.
Therefore leaving high-value cargo overboard is often not enough insurance when safety’s desired.
What can we do?
– implement life saving functions merging Advanced Compasses/Warfelis Elixirs (Miracle Elixir meant for damage recovery)/ Comfy Cushion etc…
This way we maximize our chances of retrieving supplies especially upon death where captains & crews are sent back to port/startplace without option of simply clicking R(esurrect).

In conclusion, managing a fleet of Black Desert Online sailors is no easy task. However, by implementing these advanced strategies you can become an expert in this area and ensure your crew runs like clockwork!

Table with useful data:

Sailor Name Special Ability Tier Stamina
Emma Miller Speed Boost Tier 1 10
Ruth Wilson Cannon Damage Reduction Tier 1 10
Thomas Garcia Barter Boost Tier 2 20
Andrea Hernandez Cannon Damage Increase Tier 2 20
John Smith Ship Durability Tier 3 30

Information from an Expert

As someone who has extensively played Black Desert Online, I can confidently say that sailors are essential to any player looking to explore the vast seas of the game. Not only do they allow for faster and more efficient travel, but they can also gather valuable resources and items through their skills. To maximize the benefits of owning sailors, it’s important to invest time in leveling up their skills and equipping them with appropriate gear. With the help of experienced sailors, players can unlock new regions and discover hidden treasures in Black Desert Online.

Historical fact:

Black Desert Online sailors played a crucial role in the development of global trade during the Age of Exploration, navigating treacherous waters and transporting valuable goods across vast distances.

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