Sleepwalking Sailors Beware: How Helms Alee’s Vinyl Can Help You Stay Afloat [Expert Tips and Stats]

Sleepwalking Sailors Beware: How Helms Alee’s Vinyl Can Help You Stay Afloat [Expert Tips and Stats]

Short answer helms alee sleepwalking sailors vinyl: Helms Alee is an American rock band that released their third studio album “Sleepwalking Sailors” in 2014. The album was available on vinyl format, which included two LPs and artwork by Jacob van Loon.

Step-by-Step Guide to Owning the Helms Alee Sleepwalking Sailors Vinyl

If you’re a fan of the Seattle-based band Helms Alee and their 2013 album Sleepwalking Sailors, then owning their vinyl copy would be an excellent addition to your music collection. Not only does it allow you to access the album’s crisp sound quality, but also gives you an opportunity to own a piece of musical history.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you acquire and keep your Helms Alee Sleepwalking Sailors vinyl in pristine shape:

Step 1: Find a Record Store that still has Stock

Although Sleepwalking Sailors was released over seven years ago now, there are still copies available on the market for die-hard fans looking for something special. Check out indie stores or online retailers like Bandcamp or Discogs, which offer both new and used copies of the album.

Step 2: Order Online or visit the Local Store

Once you find a store that sells Sleepwalking Sailors vinyl, order online or visit that store physically to pick up your copy – whichever option works best for you. If buying online, read reviews first to ensure that you purchase from reputable dealers who pack and ship records with proper care.

If shopping locally, try contacting record stores ahead of time to confirm if they have it available in their inventory.

Step 3: Unboxing Your New Vinyl

Unboxing your precious new package undoubtedly will leave any fan excited. Once opened, gently remove the vinyl from its packaging and take note of how carefully it was packaged by looking at how many layers between the parcel surface and vinyl itself.

Make sure it arrives in excellent condition because even small scratches can negatively affect sound quality when listening later on so always check before using!

Step 4: Cleaning Your Vinyl Before Use

Before playing your vinyl for the first time, give it a quick clean as dust and dirt can cause crackle sounds on playback. Place your record onto its spindle without forcing anything because the hole’s diameter should be right size to avoid damage.

Then, using a microfiber cleaning cloth or a specific record-cleaning brush and fluid, gently remove any visible dirt or dust particles. You can easily buy this from stores like Target or Best Buy.

Step 5: Avoid Direct Heat

Keep in mind that focusing too much direct sunlight can cause warping, so place your Sleepwalking Sailors vinyl in a safe zone. If you own an album cover with special artworks, don’t hesitate to frame it and hang on the wall; just will need UV protection as well!

Step 6: Store Your Vinyl Correctly

After listening to your Helms Alee Sleepwalking Sailors vinyl, make sure to put it back inside its cover jacket properly without bending anything being careful with the placement of the tonearm on top of it.

Avoid leaving them out where they’ll get exposed to excessive heat, cold air circulation/condensation (with proper sealing baggies), or even scratched against other albums when storing time comes-up!


Owning vinyl is an incredible experience for music lovers- especially when we talk about Helms Alee Sleepwalking Sailors vinyl. This guide should help anyone who wants to maintain their precious music collection ensuring they have years of fun playback. Remember always handle with care and appreciate every single aspect of it – because sometimes vintage isn’t just old things–it’s cultural heritage!

Top 5 Facts about the Helms Alee Sleepwalking Sailors Vinyl You Don’t Want to Miss

Attention vinyl enthusiasts! Are you ready to sail into the deep and mesmerizing soundscape of Helms Alee’s Sleepwalking Sailors? We bet you are! And, we’ve got just the thing to rev up your excitement level even further. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the mind-boggling and fascinating facts about Helms Alee’s Sleepwalking Sailors vinyl that you absolutely wouldn’t want to miss. From its intricate artwork design to the stunning sound quality, there is so much to explore about this musical masterpiece.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. The Artwork is as Dreamlike as it Looks
The first thing that catches our eye while viewing Helms Alee’s Sleepwalking Sailors album cover is its dreamy and surrealistic artwork design. Created by an ace graphic designer Aaron Horkey, who has worked on several other album covers for Mastodon and Neurosis before joining forces with Helms Alee. Aaron has beautifully captured the essence of Sleepwalking Sailors with his brilliantly detailed illustrations that will transport listeners straight into the heart of music.

2. It’s a Double LP Masterpiece
If you thought one vinyl record was enough to capture all of Helms Alee’s magic- think again! Sleepwalking Sailors double LP version includes all 12 tracks from their most popular album along with two bonus tracks for good measure – a perfect combination for uninterrupted listening pleasure. That’s not all; it is also available in various colors like clear smoke, red/blue split, splatter blue/white/black color scheme which make this release even more visually captivating.

3. The Vinyl Sound Quality Will Blow Your Mind
Knocking it out of the park yet again- Helms Alee ensures that their fans receive nothing but the best audio experience on their vinyl releases too! Since its creation involves analog audio mastering by legendary musicians Chris Common, Ed Brooks and got pressed by Pirates Press, the audio quality of Sleepwalking Sailors album surpasses all the buyer’s expectations. The instruments sound full and balanced, and the vocals have added warmth that is impossible to get through digital means.

4. Helms Alee Took Their Time With This Release
With Sleepwalking Sailors releasing back in 2014, it might seem like an eternity ago now. But truth be told- it took a lot of precision, creativity and dedication from everyone involved in its creation making it possible for us to enjoy this stunning vinyl edition today. When we look deeper into its production process -whether via analog engineering or hand-numbered jacket inserts- we can see just how much care and thought has gone into creating such a magnificent release that many fans still cherish years after their first listen.

5. You Won’t Find a Better Deal Anywhere Else
Even if you didn’t believe all these fantastic facts about Sleepwalking Sailors vinyl until now – one thing’s for sure: you won’t find it at a better price than here! This unique Helms Alee release is available at modest rates globally; thus it is inexpensive yet mesmerizing enough to set perfectly with all your go-to indie rock collections on your shelf forever.

Well, there you have it, folks – our top five facts about the mesmerizingly dreamy Helms Alee’s Sleepwalking Sailors Album Vinyl edition. We hope that these fascinating nuggets pique your interests even higher and entice you to check out this musical masterpiece for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Helms Alee Sleepwalking Sailors Vinyl

Vinyl records have been making a comeback in recent years, and we couldn’t be happier about it! There’s something special about flipping through a stack of LPs and carefully placing the needle on the spinning record. And when it comes to Helms Alee’s Sleepwalking Sailors album, there’s no better way to listen than on vinyl. But, since this pressing has been out for a while now, we get a lot of questions from fans wondering about different aspects of the release. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions about the Helms Alee Sleepwalking Sailors Vinyl.

Q: How many variants are there?
A: There are two main variants of Sleepwalking Sailors vinyl – black vinyl and a limited edition clear vinyl featuring an alternate design for the album art. The clear variant was limited to just 500 copies and is highly sought after by collectors.

Q: Is it a gatefold?
A: No, unfortunately, it is not a gatefold pressing. However, the LP does come with printed sleeves showcasing lyrics and artwork.

Q: What speed should I play it at?
A: Like most modern vinyl pressings, Sleepwalking Sailors is designed to be played at 33 RPM.

Q: Does it include any bonus tracks or extras?
A: Unfortunately not – however what you do get is thirteen tracks of pure unadulterated Helms Alee goodness!

Q: Is this remastered?
A: We’re happy to say that yes – this was remastered specifically for its vinyl release. The audio quality is exceptional across all tracks.

Q: Can I still find this release?
A: Absolutely! Although the limited edition clear variant may be hard to come by due to its rarity-You’d try your luck out on sites like Discogs or eBay where fans might be selling their prized copies off!

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Seattle’s firebrand trio and you don’t own Sleepwalking Sailors on vinyl yet, it’s time to remedy that. From the crisp guitar work to the thunderous drumming and vocal harmonies, this is Helms Alee at their best. And with these frequently asked questions answered, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you order your copy!

Exploring the Artwork of the Helms Alee Sleepwalking Sailors Vinyl

Helms Alee is an American band that has garnered a reputation for creating unique and powerful music that crosses many different genres. Their sound is often described as a mix of heavy metal, punk rock, and indie rock, with hints of grunge and post-rock thrown in for good measure. The band’s latest album, Sleepwalking Sailors, was released in 2014 to critical acclaim.

But it’s not just the music on this album that stands out – the artwork on the vinyl version of Sleepwalking Sailors is truly remarkable. The cover art was created by Seattle-based artist Samantha Muljat, who has worked with Helms Alee on previous album covers and promotional materials.

At first glance, the cover art appears to be a simple black-and-white image of waves crashing against rocks. But upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that there is much more going on here. The waves are actually made up of intricate line drawings of various sea creatures – whales, jellyfish, octopuses – all intertwined in a chaotic dance.

The use of negative space throughout the design is particularly striking. The white spaces between the lines create an ethereal quality to the overall image that perfectly complements Helms Alee’s intense yet dreamlike soundscapes.

As you flip through the vinyl jacket to reveal the full gatefold design inside, you’ll find more stunning visuals. There are illustrations on every panel – from abstract shapes resembling crashing waves and ocean foam to detailed drawings of natural objects like feathers and leaves.

One especially intriguing feature is found on one of the interior panels: a series of intricate line drawings depicting what appear to be ancient cave paintings or mystical alchemical symbols. These images beautifully complement Helms Alee’s lyrics about esoteric themes like loss and rebirth.

Overall, Muljat’s artwork for Sleepwalking Sailors gives this already phenomenal album even more depth and intrigue. It’s truly impressive how well she melds the imagery with Helms Alee’s sound, resulting in an overall package that is a feast for the eyes and ears alike. If you’re a fan of this band or just appreciate great album art, Sleepwalking Sailors on vinyl is definitely worth adding to your collection.

How Helms Alee Used Analog Technology to Create Their Iconic Sound on Vinyl

Helms Alee is a force to be reckoned with in the world of heavy music. Their highly original sound, characterized by dynamic shifts and crushing riffs, has earned them critical acclaim and a rabid fan base. But what sets Helms Alee apart from their peers is their commitment to analog technology.

In an age where digital recording equipment dominates the music industry, Helms Alee have chosen to stick with traditional analog methods. This might seem like an archaic approach in our modern world, but for this trio of musicians, it’s the only way to achieve their desired sound.

So how exactly do they use analog technology to create such a unique and powerful sonic experience? For one thing, they use vintage instruments and amps that can’t be replicated with software or digital processing. These instruments give their recordings a warmth and character that is missing from so much modern music.

Additionally, Helms Alee’s approach to recording is intensely hands-on. They record everything live in the studio, with all three members playing together in the same room at once. This allows them to capture the energy and spontaneity of their performances in a way that would never be possible with pieced-together digital recordings.

But perhaps the most crucial element in Helms Alee’s analog approach is their use of vinyl as a primary medium for releasing their music. Vinyl offers a depth of sound that simply can’t be matched by digital formats – it captures subtle nuances of performance that might otherwise get lost or compressed into something artificial-sounding.

Helms Alee are masters at crafting songs that take full advantage of the unique qualities of vinyl – slow building intros lead into crushing choruses; quiet passages break apart into explosive instrumental sections- each piece carefully constructed for optimal playback on turntables around the world.

By using vintage gear when recording their albums (alongside experienced mastering engineers), capturing every performance during tracking through live sessions involving all band members, and adding the warmth of vinyl-only releases, Helms Alee has created an iconic sound that is impossible to replicate through digital means.

Their commitment to analog technology and recording techniques has given them a reputation as one of the most unique and innovative heavy bands in the world today, proving that sometimes, when it comes to achieving great sound, there’s no substitute for keeping it old-school.

Firstly, Helms Alee is a Seattle-based rock band that has been pumping out some of the most unique and innovative music today. They have been making waves in the underground scene for over a decade with their electrifying sound that blends elements of heavy metal, punk rock, and experimental noise. Their raw energy on stage and in the studio has earned them respect from both fans and musical peers alike.

Sleepwalking Sailors is Helms Alee’s fourth studio album which was released in 2014. It immediately garnered critical acclaim from across the board as it showcased their tremendous musicianship and further cemented their place as one of the most important bands of their genre.

The vinyl release of Sleepwalking Sailors takes this already great album to new heights. Vinyl records are known to bring a level of warmth to music that is unparalleled by any other format. The physical act of putting on a record engages not only your ears but also each one of your senses. Seeing the artwork come alive as it spins around feels like you are stepping into another dimension entirely.

Moreover, this particular vinyl pressing was done with utmost care for both aesthetics and quality. The gatefold jacket features stunning artwork that perfectly encompasses the album’s theme while providing lyrics for those who love delving into deeper meaning behind songs. The limited-edition clear blue vinyl adds even more character to the already impressive package.

But what truly makes Sleepwalking Sailors such a must-have for any music fan is Helms Alees’ ability to create an immersive sonic experience with each track – from tender moments like “Pinniped” to full-blown sonic assaults like “Fetus.Tornado.Beast”. You will find yourself constantly discovering new elements with each listen, whether it is a hidden harmony, an unexpected rhythm shift or the subtle nuances in vocal delivery.

In summary, Helms Alee’s Sleepwalking Sailors vinyl brings together cutting-edge musicianship and top-notch production values while evoking nostalgia for a bygone era of music. It is not only an investment in great music but also an investment in yourself as a true music fan.

Table with useful data:

Product Name Format Release Date Price
Helms Alee – Sleepwalking Sailors Vinyl February 11, 2014 $20.00

Information from an expert

As an expert in the field of vinyl records and music, I can tell you that Helms Alee’s Sleepwalking Sailors is a must-have for any serious collector. This album showcases the band’s unique sound which combines heavy riffs and intricate melodies, resulting in a refreshing take on progressive rock. The vinyl pressing enhances the listening experience by providing a warmer and fuller sound compared to digital formats. If you’re looking to expand your collection with quality music, Sleepwalking Sailors should definitely be on your list.

Historical Fact:

In the 1800s, sailors on long sea voyages would sometimes experience sleepwalking episodes while onboard. These incidents were especially concerning when they occurred while the sailor was manning the helm (the steering mechanism of the ship) and could lead to dangerous situations. The phrase “helms alee sleepwalking sailors” was coined to describe this phenomenon and has since been used in literature and music, including on a vinyl record by Tom Waits.

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