Mastering the Art of Sailor Moon Style: A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Your Favorite Characters

Mastering the Art of Sailor Moon Style: A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Your Favorite Characters

Step by Step Tutorial for Drawing in Sailor Moon Style

Drawing in Sailor Moon style is not only fun, but it can also help you improve your anime drawing skills. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a Sailor Moon-inspired character step by step. So grab your pencils, paper, and let’s get started!

Step 1: Sketch the Body Base

The first thing to do is to sketch out the basic shape of your character. Draw a circle for the head, an oval for the torso, and stick-like shapes for the arms and legs. Use light pencil strokes while drawing so that you can easily erase any mistakes or change the lines later on.

Step 2: Add Details to Clothing

Once you’ve got your body base sketched out, next it’s time to start focusing on its attire. Since Sailor Moon style dressings always involve short skirts, bows and ribbons drawn on every corner of clothes are necessary! Start by adding a collar around their neck region as well as a bow right under it.

Then sketch out some pocket-like folds at both sides of chest area as well as small bumpy curves down its sides which indicates tails spaced apart from each other.

After this work on lower body section where skirt layout needs to be added along with pleating details on it

Step 3: Draw Facial Features

Now that we have created our base with clothing details added in it’s time to move onto facial features.The eyes should be large and circular like that of all anime cartoon characters . We recommend choosing colors such as pink or blue since they match perfectly with brightly colored hair choices previously made.Draw eye lashes pointing upwards away from eye corners towards roof line followed by attached eye brows at bottom. Finish off by giving nose area a small touchup followed by lips slightly curved up exposing some teeth.

Step 4: Add Hairdo

Sailor moon styled character has mostly long bright uniquely designed hairs.Organize nicely into spiky strands that make it easy for you to tell where one section of hair begins and ends. It is very important to give different layers and highlights as per your selected character.

Step 5: Coloring Artwork

Coloring artwork as according to its personal attire choices made will help develop its appearance further, so pick wisely based on the artistic style preferred.

Step 6: Outline over Mistakes

Once you’re finished with your coloring, it’s time to finalize all details by going over every line once again just in case you’ve missed any necessary elements. Make sure to get rid of all errors present either from the clothing or while coloring.

That’s it! You are now ready with your beautiful Sailor Moon inspired character creation! With this tutorial we hope you have learned better ways of implementing shapes, details structures regarding each section illustrated providing beautiful outcome .Now go and create something fantastic with this newly-learned skills!

FAQs on How to Draw in Sailor Moon Style Like a Pro!

Are you a fan of Sailor Moon and always wanted to try your hand at drawing in the iconic shoujo style? Look no further because we’ve got you covered with some FAQs on how to draw in Sailor Moon Style like a pro!

Q: What materials do I need to get started?
A: You will need pencils (preferably, mechanical), eraser, fine-liner or pen, sketchbook or printer paper and a good quality set of colored pencils.

Q: How do I start?
A: Start by practicing sketching basic shapes and lines. Practice drawing circles, ovals, triangles and curved lines as these shapes are fundamental in the creation of anime characters.

Q: Can you give me some tips for pencil sketches?
A: Yes! Firstly, use light pressure while drawing preliminary sketches; this will allow for easy erasing. Secondly, start with the guidelines for the face and body before progressing onto any details.

Q: How do I approach drawing faces?
A: To achieve the traditional Sailor Moon style facial features begin by drawing an oval shape head. Next place horizontal and vertical guidelines which will help determine where to place facial features such as nose, mouth and eyes. Now draw two angled lines that make a point in the middle for the chin. Finally draw two curves connecting from each side of the chin going upwards as outlines for cheeks.

Q : Any advice on how can I perfect my line work?
A: Using screen tones or gray-scale shades can provide more depth to your character’s outfit making it look more professional.Also using crisp clean lines when creating character design is important; if necessary go over lines repeatedly till they create that perfect Sharpie look.

Q :What about coloring? Are there any tricks to add detailing to my coloring work?
A:A method often used in Sailor Moon style artwork is cell shading- which includes sharper edges between color transitions giving potential another layer of dimension.Also, if you’re feeling adventurous try layering colors on top of each other – this can give more texture and life to your drawing.

Q: Final advice?
A: Practice often and experiment with combinations of techniques that suit you best. Try to avoid comparing your work to others’ since creativity is unique in every individual so don’t get discouraged when things don’t turn out how you want them to initially.

Keep practicing these tips and tricks, before long, you will be a pro! Remember anything is possible with time and dedication. Get going on your Sailor Moon masterpiece today!

5 Must-Know Tips for Drawing in Sailor Moon Style

If you’re a fan of the iconic anime series Sailor Moon, you may have dreamed of being able to draw in this style. The vibrant colors, sharp lines and striking poses are all trademarks of the Sailor Moon aesthetic. But how do you go about capturing that look in your own artwork? Here are five must-know tips for drawing in Sailor Moon style:

1. Familiarize yourself with the characters

Before you start drawing, take some time to really study the characters from Sailor Moon. Pay attention to their body proportions, facial features and clothing details. Watch episodes of the show or browse official art books and merchandise to get a sense of how these elements come together.

2. Keep it simple

While Sailor Moon’s outfits can be quite intricate, overall her design is fairly simple. Stick to clean lines and minimal shading for a true-to-style look. This will also make it easier to replicate multiple times if you plan on making a series or comic book.

3. Use bold colors

Sailor Moon is known for bright, bold colors that pop off the page. Think pinks, blues, reds and yellows – anything that catches your eye! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations to find what works best for your illustration.

4. Emphasize dynamic posing

One of the reasons why Sailor Moon has such an instantly recognizable style is because of its dramatic poses and action-filled scenes! Try incorporating dynamic angles or camera viewpoints into your illustrations as much as possible.

5. Add some sparkle

Sparkles are a huge part of the Sailor Moon universe! Whether it’s glittery backgrounds or magical energy attacks such as “Moon Tiara Action,” adding a bit of sparkle can bring your artwork closer inline with this aesthetictic.


Drawing in Sailor moon isn’t always easy but It’s all about practice and patience; we hope these tips can help elevate and refine your Sailor Moon drawings! What kind of Sailor Moon art have you created in the past or recent? Tell us or show us in the comments section below.

Getting Started: Materials You Need for Drawing in Sailor Moon Style

Whether you’re an avid fan of the Sailor Moon anime or just a lover of cute and whimsical art, drawing in the iconic Sailor Moon style can be incredibly fun and rewarding. However, getting started can be intimidating if you don’t know where to begin or what materials to use. Don’t fret, though! Here are some basic materials you’ll need to start your journey into the world of Sailor Moon-inspired artwork:

1. Pencils – The cornerstone of any good drawing is a quality pencil. While mechanical pencils and fine-tipped pens have their place in certain types of art, traditional wooden pencils are the go-to for most artists. You don’t need anything too fancy or expensive – a basic set of HB (#2) lead pencils should suffice.

2. Eraser – Mistakes happen, even to seasoned artists! A good eraser will become your best friend as you perfect your technique and create new masterpieces.

3. Fine-tip Pens – Once you’ve got your sketch down on paper, it’s time to start inking! Fine-tip pens are ideal for outlining and adding detail to your artwork while maintaining clean lines.

4. Brush Pens – If you want to add shading or depth to your artwork without having to switch between multiple pen sizes, brush pens are an excellent option! These versatile tools allow you to achieve both thick and thin lines depending on how much pressure is applied while drawing.

5. Colored Pencils/Watercolors/Markers – Depending on your preference, adding color can really bring a piece of art to life! Whether you prefer traditional colored pencils, vibrant watercolors or bold markers, there’s no wrong way to add color as long as it matches the mood and aesthetic of your piece.

6. Reference Images/Materials – Drawing in a specific style like Sailor Moon requires studying existing works from that particular universe or artist. Collecting reference images from various sources will help guide your own drawing style and give you a jumping-off point for creating original artwork.

Overall, the key to successful Sailor Moon-style art is practice, patience and the right materials! While this list is by no means exhaustive, having a basic understanding of what tools to use will set you up for success as you explore your creativity and draw inspiration from one of anime’s most beloved franchises. Happy drawing!

Busting Myths: Common Misconceptions About Drawing in Sailor Moon Style

The Sailor Moon anime series has become an icon over the decades. With its unique animation style, it has been a source of inspiration and admiration for countless artists and fans around the world. However, along with its popularity comes numerous misconceptions about drawing in the Sailor Moon style. Here are some of the common myths that need to be busted:

1. Myth: You have to be a professional artist to draw in the Sailor Moon style.

Truth: Drawing in the Sailor Moon style is all about having fun and exploring your creativity. While it may take time and practice to perfect the technique, you don’t necessarily have to be a professional artist to start.

2. Myth: You must stick strictly to the original characters in terms of design or clothing.

Truth: While staying true to the original designs can be a great way to learn how characters were originally drawn, feel free to mix things up or create your own interpretation of a character as well! Experimentation is key when mastering any art form.

3. Myth: The Sailor Moon style relies heavily on excessive amounts of details.

Truth: Actually, one could argue quite contrary! The use of simple shapes and minimal lines go hand-in-hand with this signature animation-style, while still conveying complex emotions and facial expressions effectively.

4. Myth: Drawing in Sailor Moon style limits you only to “cute” elements

Truth: Absolutely not! While “cute” might come more naturally with big eyes and small noses, one can find elegant sophistication akin to stylish fashionistas too (and everything in between!).

5. Myth: It’s impossible for beginners or non-Asian artists/kids/people who lack artistic background experience

Truth: A person’s background does not determine whether or not they will be good at drawing—creativity is natural and diverse within each individual no matter their upbringing! For those starting out without much experience drawing, so long as they practice often enough alongside a strong desire to learn and improve, there won’t be much that can stop them from reaching their goals.

Now that these myths have been cleared up, it’s time for you to give the Sailor Moon style a try! Only practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to start somewhere. Here are some tips on what you can do:

-Drawing reference sheets and practicing proportion is an essential way to get familiar with the series’ features.
-Studying anime-style tutorials online is another great way to help guide one’s hand in terms of originality and technique.
-When first creating your own Sailor Moon-artwork or drawings inspired by your favourite characters, focus on primary forms at first like simplistic line-work and simple shapes in coordination with minimal details via colouring.

Don’t be discouraged if your art doesn’t turn out how you imagined at first. Keep on creating, keep exploring and most importantly, keep having fun. With enough practice and patience given over time, you’ll soon become confident enough in drawing the Sailor Moon style yourself!

Stylize Your Artwork: How to Add Your Personal Touch When Drawing in Sailor Moon Style

Are you a fan of the iconic anime, Sailor Moon? Do you love the whimsical and magical style of the art featured in this beloved series? If so, then you may be interested in learning how to add your own personal touch when drawing in Sailor Moon style.

While it can be tempting to simply replicate the drawings and characters from the show, there are many ways to make your artwork unique and personal. Here are some tips on how to stylize your artwork:

1. Experiment with color: While Sailor Moon art often features bright and bold colors, don’t be afraid to try different shades or even pastel tones. Incorporating a different color scheme can help make your artwork stand out and reflect your own personal taste.

2. Add personal details: Whether it’s adding a necklace or bracelet that has special meaning to you or incorporating a character trait into a drawing, including personal details can help make your artwork feel special and unique.

3. Play with facial expressions: Even though Sailor Moon characters often have exaggerated facial expressions, try experimenting with different emotions or reactions that suit your individual style. This could mean giving a character a mischievous smirk or an innocent smile – whatever works for you!

4. Think outside the box: Don’t be afraid to get creative with backgrounds or settings. Instead of simply drawing characters on a plain background, think about incorporating elements like flowers, stars or other elements that draw inspiration from Sailor Moon’s magical world.

5. Use textures: Texture is another way to bring something new and unexpected into your Sailor Moon-inspired artwork. For example, adding intricate patterns on clothing or hair can add depth and interest to your drawings.

Remember, when creating art in Sailor Moon style (or any other style), it’s important to have fun with it! The possibilities are endless when it comes down styling artwork in this classic anime’s delightful aesthetic – so let those creative juices flow!

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