Calorie Counting Made Easy: How Many Calories are in Sailor Jerry Rum?

1) Introduction: What is Sailor Jerry Rum?

Sailor Jerry Rum is a premium, spiced rum created in the spirit of American tattoo artist, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. It is made with Caribbean Rum and infused with natural spices, including recipes that were inspired by Collins himself. This traditional pirate-style rum has been distilled to create a bold flavor and smooth finish that captures the classic feel of a good old-fashioned sailor’s grog. The sweet vanilla notes pair perfectly with the warm cinnamon spice, while flavors like nutmeg and allspice give an additional depth of complexity to this potent blend. With its robust honeyed aroma and fully rounded taste, Sailor Jerry Rum isn’t just a tribute to a renowned artist — it’s an experience unlike any other!

2) How Many Calories in a Shot of Sailor Jerry Rum?

When it comes to how many calories are in a shot of Sailor Jerry Rum, the answer varies depending on the type of rum and the size of the pour. Generally speaking, a standard 1.5-ounce shot contains approximately 62 calories, while a 2-ounce shot can contain up to 90 calories. Although it may not seem like much when consumed alone, take into consideration that most cocktails made with rum can contain up to 150% more calories per serving—making that one drink your total calorie intake for the day!

When it comes to light and dark rums, there isn’t much difference in terms of caloric content. Most brands have similar amounts per serving regardless of hue. For instance, a 1.5-ounce shot of either light or dark Sailor Jerry Rum will still contain about 62 calories (although exact measurements may vary slightly between brands).

If alcohol consumption is something you’re concerned about from both an addiction and calorie perspective, then choosing rum over other types of drinks can be beneficial when compared side by side; vodka contains roughly 64 calories per 1.5-ounce serve while gin clocks in at 73 calories. However always remember that lower calorie count doesn’t necessarily translate into drinking more; moderation remains key whatever road you choose for your alcoholic consumption choices!

3) Step by Step Breakdown of the Caloric Content of Sailor Jerry Rum

The caloric content of the delicious Sailor Jerry rum can provide valuable insight for those who are watching their caloric intake. In this step-by-step breakdown, we’ll provide you with all the information necessary to calculate how many calories one serving of Sailor Jerry has.

First and foremost, it’s important to determine how much alcohol is in each shot or drink. One ounce of 80-proof rum like Sailor Jerry contains approximately 98 calories. For reference, a standard shot glass holds 1.5 ounces of liquid, so drinks made with that size pour contain roughly 147 calories each. Similarly, a “double” containing two shots (or 3 ounces total) will include 294 calories.

Of course, some drinks require more than just alcohol to create them; after all, there wouldn’t be any popular cocktails without mixers! Most recipes calling for Sailor Jerry rum utilize juices or syrups which have their own calorie amounts to consider. Orange juice clocks in at about 54 calories per cup and cola soda has over 140 calories per 12-ounce can; so adding these ingredients into your drink can substantially increase its caloric value—even if made to taste just right! After verifying all components used in your favorite mixed drink recipe (including lime wedge garnish), you can add up each ingredient’s calorie contributions to find out just how many indulgent calories you may be consuming in one session! But remember: everything in moderation!

4) Common Questions About the Nutrition of Sailor Jerry Rum

Whenever a person takes the initiative to become informed about any liquor, it’s important to understand what type of nutrients are inside. Sailor Jerry Rum is no exception! Here we’ll answer some of the common questions regarding the nutrition facts of this delicious 90-proof spiced rum, so that you can make an educated choice if you’re planning on including it as part of your next cocktail night.

Q: What vitamins and minerals are in Sailor Jerry Rum?

A: While there aren’t many vitamins and minerals present in rum, such as Sailor Jerry, due to its alcohol content, there is some trace amounts found per ounce. Vitamin A is found in small amounts (2 IU), while Vitamin B6 (0.01 mg.) is also present — albeit in lower concentrations. There are traces of Sodium and Potassium salts, but not enough to really consider maritimely beneficial or a health concern.

Q: How much sugar does a shot contain?

A: According to research from, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum contains 7g per 1 ounce serving without mixer additives being factored into the equation. This means that an average 2oz shot would contain 14 grams of sugar total; however due to the ABV level being at 45%, this will be counteracted by the sweetness brought about by said ABV itself.

Q: Does Sailor Jerry offer any calorie savings over other rums?

A: In general terms when comparing rums side by side against each other – yes! When running a nutrition analysis between 4 popular options within the same proof category one finds that most are more caloric than our beloved Captain; which has 96 calories compared with Malibu at 105Kcal., Cruzan Blackstrap 151/151 at 139Kcal., Kraken BlackSpiced Rum 101 Kcal & Bacardi 151 at 146 Kcal – per 1 ounce servings respectively. Hence giving us fewer calories per unit when considering typical mixed drinks mixed with juice or soda mixers (demonstrating drunk smarts).

So there you have it Booze Lovers; now you know exactly how nutritious this amazing 90-proof spiced rum brand truly is! We here hope that this breakdown helps inform your decisions for healthy drinking habits well into 2017and beyond!

5) Top 5 Fascinating Facts About Sailor Jerry Rum Nutrition

Sailor Jerry Rum is a classic American rum and one of the most popular brands in the world. It’s also full of interesting facts about nutrition. Here are five fascinating facts about Sailor Jerry Rum Nutrition:

1) One bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum contains 14 percent alcohol by volume—making it one of the strongest rums available in the market. While this amount may seem high for those more accustomed to light beer or wine, there are actually no calories contained in an ounce of rum—just pure, boozy flavor!

2) Despite being one of the higher alcohol-by-volume rums available, Sailor Jerry still manages to be relatively low in sugar—containing only 1 gram per serving. This is partly because rum naturally has a low sugar content overall and also because many of Sailor Jerry’s aged varieties don’t require any added sweeteners or syrups to make them delicious.

3) As with many spirits on the market, Sailor Jerry Rum contains very small amounts of certain beneficial vitamins and minerals. These include Vitamin B12 (which helps keep blood cells healthy), Magnesium (an essential mineral that helps maintain bone health), Potassium (used by your body to retain electrolytes such as sodium and chloride), Iron (needed for red blood cell production), Zinc (essential for healthy immune system functioning) and Copper (a trace element that plays an important role in metabolic processes). Though not found in huge doses, these nutrients can contribute to our daily recommended intake if consumed regularly in moderation!

4) As you can imagine from its high alcohol content, Sailor Jerry Rum does contain some saturated fat – about 0.5 grams for each shot served neat or on the rocks. However, drinking it with mixers can reduce this number considerably as most cocktails use juices or syrups without too much added fat content. Plus, since there are no carbohydrates present at all thanks to its sugar-free recipe, Sailor Jerry makes a surprisingly diet-friendly spirit!

5) By mixing minerals like calcium salts with other natural ingredients including nutmeg and lime juice during fermentation, Sailor Jerry creates a special blend that offers unique health benefits compared to other types of rum out there. For instance, when consumed responsibly it can help support healthy muscle development due to its magnesium content while providing antioxidants key for brain function maintenance via zinc absorption!

6) Conclusion: Summarizing the Nutrition Profile of Sailor Jerry Rum

Sailor Jerry Rum is an ideal spirit for a balanced and enjoyable drinking experience. It is produced using high-grade local ingredients to ensure premium quality, flavour and smoothness. This crisp, triple-distilled rum has a sweet taste, delicious notes of caramel and butterscotch and hints of spice. This makes it an ideal choice for mixing cocktails or simply enjoying neat on its own.

A single serving of Sailor Jerry Rum clocks in at 93 calories per ounce with zero grams of fat or carbs. In addition to this, Sailor Jerry Rum contains up to 32% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) making for a strong punch that can be enjoyed responsibly by those who are 21 years or older. All in all, Sailor Jerry Rum has a great nutrition profile which helps make it an excellent drink choice!

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