A Sailors Guide to Mastering the Perfect Sailor Moon Hairstyle

A Sailors Guide to Mastering the Perfect Sailor Moon Hairstyle

Introduction to the Achieving Sailor Moon’s Iconic Hairstyle

Ushering in the modern empowerment of girls and women throughout the 90s, Sailor Moon set a trend for stylish girls with powers around the world. The iconic style saw Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) wearing a regal round buns hairstyle that resembled rabbit ears to pay homage to her identity as “Rabbit” or “Bunny” which is also why she is know as Bunny Tsukino.

Today many look back at this powerful and fashionable heroine’s looks and wonder how they could recreate it. Well worry not ladies, you can now achieve Sailor Moon’s iconic hair look by following these simple steps!

The first step in attaining this signature hairdo is to start with clean, dry, and lightly-oiled hair. Apply some styling product such as mousse or putty; add more if needed depending on your desired look and texture preferences. Once you have your desired amount of product in place use a tail comb or a brush to evenly spread it through all sections of your hair as well as groom out any knots or tangles.

Afterwards, part your hair into two even sections starting from the mid front line working backwards towards your neck. You should end up with one section over the left side of your head and one over the right side. Make sure both sides are even lengths so you can get an accurate idea for where each hairstyle portion will fall when finished styling.

Next it’s time to create our signature Sailor Moon buns! For this you’ll want to start with whichever section of hair feels most comfortable for you; whether that be top sections or bottom sections doesn’t matter. Take a small 1-2 inch strand from the main section and split this piece into two parts near the ends then tie them together until they form like an accordion fold along their length going outward towards their tips instead of pulling everything back tightly against your scalp (this will help give the bun volume afterwards). Repeat this process until only three more strands remain which should take approximately five folds total including what strands are already used up prior folding them. From here move onto twisting these three remaining strands over each other while weaving it through itself until all excess length has been tucked away like a regular ponytail; do not be afraid pull some pieces outwards so there is extra body once finished! Secure this whole section using bobby pins or decorative clips depending on how dressed up or go down casual you want Sailor Moon’s look to appear once finished styling altogether in its entirety

Step-by-Step Guide for Re-Creating the Look

1. Research the Look — First, take a few moments to research the look you are trying to create. Find pictures of it online or in magazines and make notes about any details that stand out. You may want to jot down a list of items or techniques necessary for the look.

2. Shop and Gather Supplies — Once you have identified the crucial components of your look, it’s time to hit the stores and start collecting supplies! Before making purchases, be sure to double-check measurements, as ill-fitting garments can ruin a look entirely. Also consider asking store associates for advice or help – they may have tips that could make all the difference.

3. Preparatory Step — Depending on the complexity of your project, there may be preparatory steps needed before you can begin assembling your look. For example – if you choose a high hemline dress but need illusion netting underneath to provide additional fullness – this type of work takes some practice and care if you want it done properly and with a professional finish.

4. Assemble Your Look — Finally, after all of your hard work researching and gathering supplies – great job by the way – it’s time to bring everything together! Assemble pieces one by one and tailor them as necessary – adjusting darts or hemlines; attaching buttons; etcetera – until your vision has been realized in its entirety!

5 Accessorize & Adjust/Modify — Now that all of your pieces are assembled, it’s time for accessorizing! Accessories add depth and interest to an outfit, so don’t skimp here – think shoes, jewelry, bags and other interesting items! Then do final adjustments like tucking away loose threads and adjusting fit where necessary before snapping that picture perfect selfie we know is coming soon (wink).

Tips and Tricks to Get It Right

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Frequently Asked Questions About Achieving Sailor Moon Hair

1. How do I get Sailor Moon hair?

Sailor Moon’s iconic look has become a popular hairstyle trend for young women and is characterized by large, bouncy curls or waved hair. To recreate the look at home, you’ll need a few items: large curling iron (2-3 inches works best), hairspray, heat protectant, smoothing cream or serum, and delicate clips. Start by washing your hair with high quality shampoo and conditioner designed for curly hair. Make sure to detangle your locks as thoroughly as possible before continuing. Afterwards, add some heat protectant throughout your tresses before using the curling iron on small sections of hair at a time. Secure each section with a clip if needed and make sure that each curl is uniform in size and shape. Spray with hairspray when finished and scrunch into the curls more texture with the help of a smoothing cream or serum if desired.

2. Is Sailor Moon hair only for long hair?

No! While having longer locks can certainly help achieve this hairstyle due to there being more length to wrap around the curling iron, anyone regardless of their haircuts can still find success in creating this style even if they have shorter strands. Simply use smaller sections of your tresses when styling so that you don’t overwhelm your locks with too much volume from all the curls – it will help create a fuller yet realistic overall look without making things overly heavy or uncomfortable on the head over time. Additionally, feel free to experiment with different styling techniques such as double-tapping (using two clips instead of one) per curl or only going up part way for looser waves rather than bigger coils – just find what works best for you and let your creativity flow!

Top 5 Facts About the Hairspray Used by Usagi in the Show

Usagi (Sailor Moon) is one of the most iconic characters in Japanese culture and her hairstyle has inspired many. It’s no surprise, then, that her hairspray is highly regarded and many people are interested to know more about it. Here are some facts about the hairspray used by Usagi on the show Sailor Moon:

1. Made of Natural Ingredients: The hairspray used by Usagi on the show contains natural ingredients such as jojoba esters, beeswax and essential oils such as lavender oil. This makes it a good choice for those who prefer products with natural origins.

2. Creating a Perfect Look: Usagi’s perfect hair is created using this spray which gives her hair body, shine and hold for any style she chooses. Additionally, because it contains natural ingredients, it won’t damage or weigh down your hair even after multiple use cycles!

3. Scents Available: Not only does this spray give your hair manageability and hold without weighing your hair down but also comes in two pleasant scents – Lavender and Jasmine Ginger – that make you smell delightful while providing an ideal finishing touch!

4. Great Value For Money: At just ¥690 per bottle (~$6 USD), this sure-fire favorite spray will last you quite a while given its long shelf life so you don’t need to worry about replacing it anytime soon!

5. Bestseller: Use of Usagis favourite hairspray leads lots of people trying out for themselves looking for a great value product with light fragrance properties – making it one of the best selling items ever on the market from cosmetics giant Shiseido Group Co., Ltd!

Final Thoughts on Sailor Moon Hair

When we talk about the iconic look of anime characters, it’s hard to ignore Sailor Moon. For many people, she is the face of magical girls in shoujo (girl-targeted) anime and her hairstyle has become a part of her identity. Chibi Usa’s twin buns, for example, make an even bolder statement about who she is. However, though Sailor Moon has remained an icon for over two decades, her hair hasn’t changed nearly as much as other aspects of manga style aesthetics have over the years.

The fact that Sailor Moon’s hairstyle remains limited to two or three recognizable styles serves as a testament to the power of the character’s design. These styles are definitely titles of timelessness! Nonetheless; while mixing things up with modifications like twists braids or color highlights may be tempting on occasion– such drastic changes take away from what makes a particular look so easily identifiable in the first place.

In conclusion – if you’re looking to channel your inner warrior princess, you can draw inspiration from Sailor Moon while staying true to your own flair and personality. After all, when it comes down to it – fashion should always be fun! Whether you opt for one of these classic looks or give it your own unique spin: Have fun playing dress up with this ageless ‘do – and in no time at all you’ll feel incredibly empowered and ready take on whatever life throws your way!

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