A Guide to Watching Sailor Moon in Chronological Order

A Guide to Watching Sailor Moon in Chronological Order

Introduction to Sailor Moon: What Is Sailor Moon and Why Should You Watch It?

Sailor Moon is a popular anime franchise that’s been around since 1991. It was created by writer and artist Naoko Takeuchi, and it follows the adventures of a group of Sailor Senshi (i.e. sailor scouts) who defend the world from evil forces. Each senshi has her own stands for her personal mission in life, and together they work to protect love and justice in the world.

The original series focuses on heroic teenager Usagi Tsukino (a.k.a “Sailor Moon”), who discovers she has special abilities to fight against evil villains using the power of friendship and justice. Along with her team of sailor scouts, Sailor Moon must battle numerous evildoers that threaten peace on Earth such as Queen Beryl, Queen Metalia, and their minions like The Dark Kingdom. She also faces off against rulers from alternate dimensions as well as powerful enemies from within our own galaxy, all while struggling to juggle her responsibilities with being a normal teenage girl in Tokyo life!

The series is centered around strong female characters, offering positive messages about self-confidence and strength even when faced with difficult obstacles or daunting tasks ahead. By following along with their inspiring journey through the magical world of Sailor Moon fans learn lessons about teamwork and standing up for what you believe in – whether it’s against bullies or oppressive regimes!

If you haven’t already seen these classic episodes then why not take a look now? There are over 200 episodes to watch so there’s something for everyone regardless of age or gender! Start your journey today by watching an episode or two: you might be surprised how much these wonderful stories can teach us all about friendship, bravery & loyalty among others (and don’t forget to stock up on magical items!)

How to Watch Sailor Moon: Exploring Viewing Options

If you’re ready to explore the magical world of Sailor Moon, you may be wondering how best to view it. After all, there are several media and streaming options at your disposal. In this post, we’ll walk through how to watch Sailor Moon, from cable and satellite TV to various streaming services.

Cable & Satellite TV

Both the original anime show and its spin-offs are available on Crunchyroll channel (via AT&T U-Verse). The channel streams both English and Japanese-dubbed versions of Sailor Moon. Depending on your cable or satellite package, you may have access to the channel as part of a premium or basic subscription bundle—so check with your provider before shelling out for an extra package.

Streaming Services

You can also stream all five seasons of both the original anime series and its spin-offs via the official platform operated by Funimation Entertainment studios in North America, Australia and New Zealand. These paid subscriptions come with a wide variety of episodic content plus Blu-ray quality downloads exclusive behind-the-scenes featurettes.

In addition to Funimation, Amazon also carries episodes for sale for digital download or instant playback online—which is a great option if you only want select episodes instead of signing up for a monthly pay service like Netflix or Hulu Plus. To avoid region restrictions that might affect streaming availability on certain platforms, you can use services like Unlocator which enables users to mask their IP address and gain access to geo blocked websites from any location worldwide.

Of course, there’s always good old Netflix for those who prefer accessing their favourite shows over the web rather than at home using traditional TV services! You can find Sailor Moon Classic (all five seasons) as well as new classic spinoff series such as “Sailor Stars” in this popular streaming app (though availability depends upon your geographic location). Just make sure that you have Internet connection while watching so that each episode flows without interruption!

Ultimately, whether you choose cable/satellite packages or streaming services—there’s plenty of ways available that allow viewers like yourself enjoy watching their beloved superheroes protect us against evil forces in Sailor Moon cartoons! So take your pick amongst these different viewing options –for an enjoyable cartoon experience filled with loveable characters and thrilling adventures!

The Definitive Order for Watching Sailor Moon: Episode Lists and Overviews

Sailor Moon is one of the most beloved anime series of all time and its impact on the genre still resonates today. For those who are new to anime, Sailor Moon can be an intimidating series to start, with so many episodes and spin-offs it can be tough to choose which season or arc to watch first. In order to properly appreciate the entire series, it’s important for viewers to know the correct order for watching Sailor Moon. By understanding Sailor Moon’s chronology, each episode will have a more meaningful impact on viewers during their journey with the Guardian Soldiers.

For starters, Sailor Moon consists of five separate arcs that come in two “seasons:” Season 1(Classic) and Season 2 (R). Additionally there are two movies that take place between Classic and R arcs respectively. The Definitive Order of Watching these arcs includes:

Season 1 (Classic): This arc introduces us to Usagi Tsukino (Serena), Luna, Tuxedo Mask (Darien), Amy/Sailor Mercury (Ami), Rei/Sailor Mars (Raye), Makoto/Sailor Jupiter (Lita) and Minako/Sailor Venus (Mina). This arc follows Usagi as she discovers her true identity as a sailor soldier and attempts to save the world from Queen Beryl before she destroys the universe with Negaverse energy. Everything begins with Episode 0 – Crybaby Usagi’s Magnificent Transformation where we get our first look into this unique universe!

Movie #1 – The Promise of Eternal Love: This movie takes place between Episode 46 – I Want A Boyfriend Of My Ownand 47- Panda Rampagewhich occurs at the end of Classic season arc 1. During this film we see Usagi receive by King Endymion an offer she cannot turn down; help him fix his kingdom destroyed by Saphir from Crystal Tokyo 1000 years forward in time!

Season 2 Part 1 – Black Moon Arc :This arc picks up after Movie #1 where we find ourselves around 1000 years in future due Wiseman trying take control over full utopic Crystal Tokyo King Endymion had built up before injury he sustained at hands off Saphir’s servant Jack Goblin Wolfin former timeline during previous movie , we witness showdown between Negaforce via Witches 5 & other side forces formed allies now King Endomyon has rallied including ChibiMoon & newly arrival NeoQueen Soelope throw adventures plague them present ere this formidable terror!

Movie #2 – Hearts In Ice: This movie takes place after episode 68 -The Fire Racing Through Spaceand prior 69 -The Birth Of A New HeroWhen Queen Nehelenia resurrects Kaolinite and plants a heart shaped crystal centered around Rei attitude change towards insecurity ruled trust issues this becomes opportunity force resurrect long lost Phoenix warrior form another reality!

Season 2 Part 2 – Infinity Arc Once again, Wiseman seems determined thwart plans Crystal Tokyo allying himself his right hand man Prince Demand who plots alliance senshi & Star Druids killed friend Nemis star maker fight against monstrous minions created enigmatic creations Diamund People appearing consequences come about way utilize stellar pulsations affect entire solar system outcome meaning these battles no less epic grandeur than ones fought Null Point spacecraft !

FAQs About Watching Sailor Moon

Q: What is Sailor Moon?

A: Sailor Moon is a Japanese manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi, which was later adapted into an anime TV series. The story follows the adventures of a young girl named Usagi Tsukino, who discovers that she is the reincarnation of the legendary hero known as “Sailor Moon”. She and her friends fight to protect the world from evil forces seeking to dominate it.

Q: Where can I watch Sailor Moon?

A: The original 1992-1997 anime series is available to stream on most major platforms such as Crunchyroll and Netflix, while the 2014 reboot can be found on Hulu. Additionally, there are many fan-sub sites that offer free streaming episodes with English subs or dubbed versions.

Q: What are some important characters in Sailor Moon?

A: Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon is the main protagonist of the series. Along with her eight fellow scout sailors—Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus; Chibi-Usa/Sailor Mini-Moon; Sailors Uranus and Neptune; and Plutos—they form Team Guardian against rival organizations like the Dark Kingdom led by Queen Beryl or Pharaoh 90 from the Dead Moon Circus. Other noteworthy characters include Tuxedo Mask (Endymion), Luna & Artemis (the talking cats) and Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask (Usagi’s love interest).

Q: Are new seasons being released?

A: Yes! In 2016, Sailor Moon Crystal debuted as an adaptation of Takeuchi’s original manga artwork which ran for three seasons until 2020 when it was replaced by Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal that covered material not included in any previous releases.

Top 5 Interesting Facts About the Series

1. Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction TV show in the world; it first aired in 1963, and has been broadcast on BBC television since then. The show was originally intended to be educational for children, but over the years it has developed into a globally popular phenomenon with a large and diverse fan base.

2. The main character of Doctor Who is a time traveling alien known as “the Doctor” who periodically regenerates into new bodies and incarnations. Since its inception, 13 different actors have played the role of the Doctor, making it one of the most iconic roles in television history.

3. In addition to many appearances in televised episodes and films (including two feature length films), There have been numerous audio plays, books, comics, video games and even board games related to Doctor Who over the years.

4. Aired as part of BBC’s “Children’s Hour” programming segment at first ,Doctor Who has been recognised with multiple awards for its production quality and performances – including 12 BAFTAs (British Academy Television Awards).

5. Various spin-off shows such as Torchwood , K9 & Company ,The Sarah Jane Adventures are an offshoot of Doctor Who which were broadcast between 2006–2011 .Plus there’s Class ,a spin off series that debuted in 2016 .

Conclusion: The Best Way To Enjoy the Series for Maximum Enjoyment


To enjoy a television series to its fullest, it is advisable to watch it with the utmost dedication and enthusiasm. Invest your time in the show, pay attention to each episode, appreciate the character development and plot-lines, and create theories about what will happen next. Connect emotionally with characters by relating their struggles to your own life experiences, or discussing them with close friends. Follow-up on other forms of entertainment such as podcasts or live events related to the series you are watching. Go in depth into the production processes of how episodes were made, as well as any behind-the-scenes content available on social media or blogs dedicated to it. Above all else, take your time enjoying this leisure activity – set aside a few hours a week for yourself and be sure to allow enough space in between episodes so that you can process everything that happened before continuing further on into it. This is ultimately the best way to get maximum enjoyment out of any television series!

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